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Iron and Kin Coffee Co. is a pop-up coffee shop with the intent of obtaining permanent residency in Pomona, Ca. We currently operate on a mobile cart fully equipped to serve espresso drinks, cold brew and filter coffee. With heart and without compromise— let’s do the damn thing!

Where did Iron & Kin come from?

The Kin Boys were working a closing shift together— an unusual situation as they generally work opposite shifts. Cliche as it may be, in hindsight it was a night of fate. You know, one of those moments in time that seem inconsequential but end up changing the whole course of your future.

Josh,  fidgeting behind the bar, spinning espresso-less portafilters in his hand, the way he always does when something is on his mind. Ely, leaning on the back counter, both staring at and past Josh, simply taking in the stillness of the quiet night.

Eli: “What’s up Mayne?” Translation: Bro, what are you thinking?

Josh: “Dude, I’m going to regret it if I never try to open a coffee shop.”

Eli: *Continues to listen as Josh works out his fears and frustrations aloud*

Eli again: “Dude, we can do it. We’d kill it.”

Josh: *Silently processes the conversation and possibilities.”

Josh again: *with a sudden burst of confidence* “Ya, we’d kill it! Let’s do it! Ya, we’re going to do it!”
Josh and Eli: *Literally shook hands to seal the deal* (Sadly, it wasn’t a forearm shake.)

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